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    Online Lecture Series
    Lesson 1 – Resonant Bodies

    Key words:

    Resonance – Resonance occurs when a system is able to store and easily transfer energy between two or more different storage modes. To evoke. The quality of a sound being evocative or being deep and full and reverberating.

    Strike – To refuse to work at a place of employment, a protest, or to hit another.

    Sensitize – To cause to respond to stimuli or to become aware of someone or something(s).

    Violence – Behavior that is intended to hurt, damage, or kill.

    Sound – Vibrations that travel through air or another medium and that are “heard” when they reach an “ear”.


    “…a very wise and capable instructor.”
    -Douglas Allen

    “…unexpected but effective methods.”
    -Beth Manes



    Past Workshops & Classes



    • Free Theater University at The Living Theatre
    • Bilingual Actor’s Workshop at The Living Theatre


    • Ewabami’jo: Open workshops for performance
    • Butoh Foundations Workshop
    • Poetry and Sight Workshop


    • Open workshops for performance

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