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    Get As E Be – EP
    on Vinyl


    Track Listing:
    1. Edoheart for President
    2. Sosomoneycockplease
    3. Sugar in a Plum
    4. Conni Man
    5. No Fit Go!

    Self-produced in 2010 in her Brooklyn apartment using only Audacity—the free audio editor—Edoheart’s first vinyl release Get As E Be-EP offers a breakthrough vision of the contemporary African voice. An experimental sonic journey influenced by her extraordinary heritage, Get As E Be- EP’s 5 tracks move through a range of explosive, creaking, smoldering, bombastic, and at times ominous sonic landscapes constructed out of found sound effects, handmade beats, and her manipulated voice. The resulting effort brings both Fela Kuti and Sun Ra to mind yet defies categorization in its DIY cut-and-paste aesthetic. A multi-genre artist incorporating visual art, poetry, performance art, dance and music in her various projects, Edoheart was born in Nigeria and is descended from a royal family of the Benin Empire. She is also notable for being the first indigenous African butoh dancer. Butoh’s focus on trance-formation/transformation of the corps is evident in this sonic sampler. In syncopated Pidgin English, her multiple voices are transmogrified by turns from monologues to theatric choruses and hypnotic baselines. The EP title refers to a Nigerian saying translatable as, “There’s just something about it…” True to this idiom, this EP’s 5 performative offerings each boast a unique aesthetic that is nothing short of true Afrofuturism.