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PRESS RELEASE: Eseohe Arhebamen a.k.a. Edoheart develops Butoh-vocal Theatre

Monday, August 31st, 2009


In August, Eseohe Arhebamen led a Butoh dance workshop at The Living Theatre, a performance space located in downtown Manhattan.  Known as the “Dance of Darkness,” Butoh is a contemporary avant-garde dance form which was originally performed in Japan in 1959. Butoh combines dance, theater, improvisation and influences from the Japanese artist tradition and performance art.

Born in West Africa, Nigeria, Eseohe is an international multi-media performer residing in Brooklyn, NY. She is also known on stage and in performance, as Edoheart. Eseohe has taught different art forms to adults and children for many years in Detroit and New York; as Edoheart, she intimately incorporates language into her Butoh dance workshops.

An award winning poet, writer, and student of both Butoh and African theater, it is Eseohe’s “passion for language” (her own Nigeria boasts 512 of them) that has led her to explore “the semiotic nature of audio/visual communication” and “the channeling of language through movement.” Typically known for its extreme imagery and white-body makeup, the addition of vocalizations to the art form is quite an innovation coming from the Nigerian artist. (more…)

Punk’s song: poetry by Kai-Mai Olbri

Monday, August 31st, 2009

During my visit to Estonia recently as part of the Diverse Universe 2009 European tour in which I participated, I was invited to perform at The Writer’s House in Estonia by curator, Al Paldrok. I read from my chapbook, Seeding the Clouds (Ornithology Press, 2003) and to demonstrate how I become language, I also gave my butoh-vocal theatre performance of my poem-dance choreography, “eAIR Butoh”. Post performance, I was approached backstage by a woman who introduced herself to me tearfully, told me she was quite moved by my work and that she too was a poet and visual artist. Below is one of the gifts she gave me, an excellent poem.

Punk’s song

Infested with high science
like a rash-ridden man
fuck you!,
you nuclear shroom groomer –
let punk be the name for the century!

What are you staring at with these slit eyes?
Progress soiled his pants, or rather pissed.

Mother’s milk not tasted, fathers unknown,
young slut’s tits as the only remorse,

came the punk, intriguing on the rush hour
urinating freely, boldly and with anger,

successfully ridiculing the bourgeois,
born to a world, where the wanking humanity,

shed all the ideals, reaches an orgasm,
having stroked the brains with his palm.

written by Kai-Mai Olbri
(Translated by Tristan Priimägi)

Douglas Allen: Sidewalk (site unspecific)

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Sort attitude and let us disappear for the time being asks what type of crisp or light- weight is presented in this catch-all strainer so many possibilities in the realm of expansion there is an inability to not record the transformational center institutes unlabeled sex traits as leading the point of focus is to concentrate (would you like soft or frenetic today) on the lack of transitions as mind a streaming seamless temple and body with much adornment and sound or solely time and space for the blank stems toss time for the setting fire in the snow

Postulate:  Douglas Allen is working on heat levels that make ice melt effortlessly.

Edited by Eseohe Arhebamen

Nigerian Schools Dance: Patrick Amanama’s photojournal continued

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

“Nigerian Schools Round Up for Holiday”

continued photographs and text by Patrick Amanama

A lot of cultural display by the schools, each representing a particular tribe/region in the country. enjoy…..patrick


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