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During the Toffee Past Times by Aloysius-Gonzaga O. Nwikwu

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

A—Gonzaga (Oluchukwu Aloysius–Gonzaga Nwikwu) is a Nigerian–born, Scandinavian–educated essayist, poet and songwriter. Read one of his poems, below.

During the Toffee Past Times

“The trees were squirrels’ land
The fathers were able men
Women were then adored
And the kids were raised at home.

“We launched no space missions
But humanity-glorifying visions
We also drove no fast cars
But created fast solutions to our problems.”

I said “I would wish to live in those days, teacher.”
He said “But we can’t go back, son…
It was nice to share with you though
But those were thoughts of toffee-past times.”

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