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What is Love?

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Sunday morning. I am thinking about Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Obama, the Citizens Group That Will Not Forgive Special Privileges for Koreans in Japan (Zaitokukai), over-farming of fish, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, genocide in Darfur, net neutrality, America’s prison industrial complex, the prisoners at Guantanamo for 8 years now? I’m thinking of all the problems I cannot even name because I can’t remember them all or haven’t learned of them yet. Deforestation, the continuing destruction by oil companies of land and water- especially worse in non-Western countries, young girls being kidnapped and made sex-slaves, people dying of drug overdoses, the complete destruction of the African-American family structure by prison, unemployment, poverty all over the world, the North Korean repression of its people, police brutality, capital punishment, femicide, gender inequalities, Josef Fritzl’s family. (more…)

Introducing Sophia Carolyn G.: To Do So

Sunday, August 1st, 2010
I met Sophia Carolyn G. (I think of her as Sophia Darling) this spring while performing at Spelman College, America’s oldest historically black college for women. Sophia is a glowing attestation to the spirit of that environment. She was fantastically dressed, talked a mile-a-minute, was thoroughly self-possessed and had the sort of ambition that cannot rest itself on any success- nothing will ever be enough. Sophia is a breath of fresh air. I love young artists and I want to nurture them. I’d like to introduce Sophia to you in the hopes that you follow this image-maker ‘s career and show her the same love you’ve been showing me. Here are some of Sophia’s paintings, and her own words:


i n f o @ e d o h e a r t . o r g