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domo domo: new music with Joel Mejia

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Back in April, Joel Mejia and I got together to talk about a film project. I had met him at my cousin-in-law, Katie Yamasaki’s, show, Pintando Postales. As I remember it, I was just about to leave when he asked me if I wanted to rap over something he had been playing with. domo domo is the surprising result of our first collaboration.

Listen below or on the Edoheart MUSIC page:

In Nigeria, domo is one way we Edo people greet each other. You say it twice to sound twice as nice. It seemed appropriate that afternoon, looking out onto a street, watching people interact, working with Joel for the first time, to simply say “hello”.

i n f o @ e d o h e a r t . o r g