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  • Day life of the artist, Eseohe Arhebamen

    December 8th, 2008EdoheartThe Life

    Eseohe Arhebamen is taking a break from work, working for the National Black Programming Consortium where I am still unpronounceable. I am employed as the Business Manager. I spend my time here ensuring that this organization runs effectively according to varying budgetary constraints. I manage budgets. I count things with Quickbooks and Excel. I pay payroll people and give our numerous vendors their due. The entire time, my brain really wants to be dancing, drumming, screaming, doing cartwheels, singing, yawping…

    eseohe forcing christian to take a picture

    eseohe forcing christian to take a picture

    I hope to better marry my business skills with the business of my own makings, making time if not money for my sins.

    SECRETMINDWORLDTHINKUP: Yes, Eseohe, you can build an organization just like NBPC to do all your artistic bidding. Mwahahahah. Imagine an army of painters, dancers, writers, singers all painting, dancing, writing and singing at your behest! Mwahahaha!!

    It’s also a bit strange being at this organization which “funds, commissions, acquires, and rewards grants to producers and directors of quality films and video projects that reflect African Americans and the African Diaspora” in such a solely clerical capacity. I live a double-mealing life. At home I slave away at video/dance/music/image projects and it remains a secret from my money gig. I suppose my multi-media mind lends itself well to such accounting.

    eseohe making candace ask, why me?

    eseohe making candace ask, why me?

    Check NBPC out. They’re awesome. No, I cannot help you get a grant from them. Yes I can do your bookkeeping.

    What are you other artists doing for food?

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