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  • Live Performance in Childrens’ Park!

    December 6th, 2008EdoheartMixed Media & Multimedia, Performance

    Eseohe Arhebamen dances Fire Butoh 3 in Seoul at:

    This particular video takes a while to load. Please be patient with it… or you can check out the iMBC imnews Newsclip at: https://edoheart.org/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/0904perform5.wmv

    This video hit the web right after the performance. The festival organizers kept coming up to me and shouting, “You’re on the news! There’s a video of you on the internet!” I was surprised to see it and all the other great press. I love Korea and really want to visit again!

    Perhaps it was because this festival was set in a university location- I found South Korea to be incredibly interested in performance art. They have a rich and long history of it themselves. My performance made the news on several big stations and I kept scoring interviews. The only word I remember is thankyou. I said thankyou a lot as people were very kind. There were many hilarious translations like this one:

    "street of try to walk"

    street of try to walk

    All in all, I could not believe how much more advanced this country seemed than America in its patronage of the arts.

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