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  • Mani Rao: Oil-free Easy Sweet Potato & Channa sprouts

    September 16th, 2009EdoheartContributors, The Life

    Mani Rao sent me this recipe. If you decide to try it, email me your photos at info@edoheart.org so I can post them!

    Oil-free Easy Sweet Potato & Channa sprouts

    • Two small sweet potatoes, peel, chop into large chunks, with very little water, chuck it in the rice cooker and put on.
    • When done (in a few minutes), add a handful of kabuli channa sprouts and put the rice cooker off.
    • Sprinkle some Ajwain. Leaving it in the dry cooker helps lightly roast the sweet potatoes, and softens the channa sprouts (in case you’re not too used to eating raw).

    The trick to this one is firmness, be careless / quick with the ‘cooking.’ Full-on cooking turns it into baby food and you don’t want that. What this has: carb, protein. Tasty w/o salt or oil. Sweet potatoes have both sugar and salt in them. Add a dash of olive oil if you please.

    Mani Rao is a poet, and lives in India, Hong Kong or the USA. She is vegetarian. www.manirao.com has more links to some writing.

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