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  • Preview: Eat Me & Drink Me


    Eat Me & Drink Me is an experimental multimedia performance-art, “Butoh-vocal theatre” work being jointly created by Eseohe Arhebamen, Douglas Allen, Jorge Rojas, Wura-Natasha Ogunji and Rosamond S. King.

    The photo below is from a scene written by Jorge Rojas.

    Project Website (itself an ongoing performance artwork) http://eatmedrink.wordpress.com/

    An extension of butoh-vocal theatre workshops held by Edoheart (Eseohe Arhebamen) at New York’s multiple-OBIE award winning Living Theatre, our purpose as an ensemble stems from our multidisciplinary backgrounds in the arts, our united interest in experimental performance art and our own sociopolitical perspectives as persons of “other” categories. An allegory of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the Eucharist and a reference to a function of celebrity in American mass media culture, Eat Me & Drink Me is a unique performance experience dealing with themes of perception, sacrifice and consumption.

    Collaboratively created characters, spatial-temporal constraints and our burgeoning friendships have become semiotic tools for meta-realist explorations and showcase of our private goals as (public) artist-performers and additional inspiration for novel interpretations of the audience-performer relationship. With this work, we hope to further our understanding of ourselves, the audiences’ understanding of, consumption of and use for the performer; in addition, to expand the environment of the performance space / stage and subject matter of performance works. Our lives are the story we will be telling you. You are a part of our lives. Together we are a living theater.

    The following photos are from a rehearsal of a scene written by Rosamond S. King.

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