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Photoblogger Patrick Amanama: Love in Lagos

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

“Love in Lagos”

Photographs and Text by Patrick Amanama


Lagos means different thing to different people, to some, its a place to make money, a place where we spend most of our creative time in traffic, a place where even the unemployed or homeless are guaranteed a place to lay their head or a three-square meal as long as they put pride aside and beg and to a whole lot of people, Lagos is a place to love…

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African Photoblogger: Photographs from Patrick Amanama of Nigeria Today

Sunday, June 28th, 2009
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Dear Readers, as a Nigerian living abroad, I often wonder what other people imagine when they see us through the lens of western cameras. Although we may not have the same technologies available to other more financially stable countries, we have our own means of discussing and displaying ourselves. To the end that a Nigerian eye should show Nigeria, I asked photographer, Patrick Amanama to send me some photographs of what he sees in his Nigeria. The results are not only some very nice photographs (more…)

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