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  • African Photoblogger: Photographs from Patrick Amanama of Nigeria Today

    June 28th, 2009PATRICKCollaboration, Contributors
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    Dear Readers, as a Nigerian living abroad, I often wonder what other people imagine when they see us through the lens of western cameras. Although we may not have the same technologies available to other more financially stable countries, we have our own means of discussing and displaying ourselves. To the end that a Nigerian eye should show Nigeria, I asked photographer, Patrick Amanama to send me some photographs of what he sees in his Nigeria. The results are not only some very nice photographs (unfortunately reduced in clarity for transmission by e-mail) they are personally touching to me. For example, my grandmother has traded in plantains until she injured her leg and is no longer able to. My own mother lived with her stepmother and father as a child and sold pepper instead of playing with other kids. I hope that whether you are Nigerian, African or otherwise, you can appreciate these views. Sincerely, Eseohe Arhebamen

    Following text and Photographs by Patrick Amanama

    (1)2nd HAND…..Due to the economic wahala* in 9ja*, the tokumbo [2nd hand cloths business] is the order of the day. PLACE OF SHOT…Boundary market, Ajegunle, Lagos.

    (2)Boat regatta….
    PLACE OF SHOT is Kaiama, in Kolokuma Opokuma local gov’t, Bayelsa state. Occasion…They were celebrating the remembrance of a freedom fighter named as Late Major Jaspa Adaka Boro. Name of festival…Boro festival. Boro led his people [the Ijaws] to fight the federal state on the issue of resource control during the civilwar, unfortunately, he was killed so his kingsmen, in Kaiama, have been celebrating him. The regatta display by the women is to tell all that they appreciate his struggle to tell the world that until they achieve their goals, the Niger delta’s struggle continues.

    (3)Name of child…. Fatimo, Age…. 11. She stays with her step mother and her father. It was the children’s day celebration at the National Art Theater and other kids came to have fun but Fatimo was there to sell boiled eggs. Child labour is really killing many of the potentials of our kids. I feel pain seeing kids, especially underage children being used by step-this-or-that, even biological parents are involved. What is the hope of the GIRL child in our country?

    (4)Evening market…. night markets are common. This is popular Boundary Ajegunle market in Ajeromi Ifelodun local govt., Lagos…traders come out at night so as to avoid the disturbance of the authorities as regards tax and levies.

    (5)I just love the view, I took this pix* on the 1st/06/2008. You can see the composition, the Atlantic, the popular CMS bus stop, Lagos

    (6)MUM…..we all did it, we had fun while it lasted but most of us are still lost, we are yet to discover our potentials and callings, we are still depending on someone to lead us.. The kid is already eyeing the future. Let’s wish him well..Place…Boundary market, Ajegunle

    (7)Nitel….Aituated at Marina Lagos, it is the nation’s telecommunication house, years ago before the era of GSM, you can only make international calls in this building or any of the Nitel office. I am talking as a common man who could not afford the home Nitel line.

    (8)Faces…..Place of shot is Kaiama, Bayelsa state. Two kids, one facing the future while the other is looking at the past….The struggle continues…..

    (9)Eyo Festival… The Eyo festival of Lagos state is well known and celebrated annually by the entire people of Lagos state, especially those in the Lagos island.

    (10)Plantain …..Place of shot..Odi, Bayelsa state, right in the Niger delta. In Odi, one of the most popular villages in Bayelsa state, plantain dealing is common throughout the communities. It’s not cheap. The villagers are mostly into fishing and farming.


    Patrick Ebi Amanama is a photographer, artist and full-time freelancer living in Lagos, Nigeria.

    Edited by Eseohe Arhebamen

    *Editor’s notes: Photographer Patrick Amanama has written this article for the Edoheart News/Blog using some Nigerian vernaculars. For those who are not able to speak these languages, some translations in order of the (*) appearance:
    wahala: trouble
    9ja: Nigeria
    pix: picture or photograph

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