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Wanted in New York: an Open Space

Friday, June 19th, 2009

A highlight of my European tour, Michael Steger’s Open Space is a refreshing oasis for the unwanted artist. Open Space was host to the continuation of Al Paldrok’s Diverse Universe as the first “International Printer and Performance Festival” and took place on Berlin’s infamous May 1st. Thousands of performers, protesters, party-goers and arts patrons descended on Berlin’s Kreuzberg, making for an insane spectacle that I cannot believe I survived!

You can view a selection of photographer and resident webmaster Luz Scherwinski’s photographs of the festival on the Open Space website here: or on my Flickr page at (more…)

Diverse Universe Festival 2009 Press

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

From the culture journal, SIRP, these words:

“Arhebamen’s performances are very powerful ritual, which goes far beyond the modern feminine materiality bimboculture and represents more… creative power.”

This is where I turn green, grow enormous muscles and burst out of my clothing. But honestly, how flattering! Special thanks to the very fashionable billeneeve- makes her own clothes- for alerting me to this next one. I would never have known… and neither it seems, do the writers of this hilarious blog. By the way, click on any of the images or links to go to the original article.

okay, so they don't know my name

I was basically the only black person in Estonia.

OK, so they don’t know my name yet but I think they like my style- I think.

From other media:

i think the caption repeats my artist's statement on the diverse universe website. i think

There were two articles from this paper, Parnu Postimees, about my performances. Sometimes you can kind of, sort of imagine what the words mean. Google’s translation of the other, similar caption says:

“Very emotional piece, the origin of the Nigerian Eseohe Arhebamen, whose narrative is an integral movement of the wall design of moving images and music. Tranquillizing veevulin and immobile inimskulptuur Arhebameni emotional vaheldusrikkas performance went smoothly, and the artist’s activities over the hüsteeriaks rituaali pointed out, during which people bring seestunud the negative forces.”

I hope you understand. But wait, there’s more!


Diverse Universe to Czentrifuga

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Some images from my travels so far…


boat in helsinki

boat in helsinki


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