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  • Where did the AIDS virus come from?

    September 17th, 2010EdoheartStatements, The Life


    I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I think that if there were twelve people in a room running the whole world, they would have fixed all the problems at this point- it would be more cost-effect to do so. However, I have a problem with misinformation and hidden truths. I think history is incredibly important and continues defining the winners and losers in this ongoing rat-race of life. Jared Diamond’s masterpiece, Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies thoroughly settles for all eternity why it is that the West has won this rat-race thus far. The answers are in the title: the West (a pseudonym for Whites) had guns, germs and steel. In fact, Diamond surmises, life in Africa is so difficult that the average African has to be considerably more intelligent than the average European in order to simply survive. In this brilliant work you should all go and read immediately, Diamond completely rebuts that accursed work of fiction, “The Bell Curve.” Face it, whether or not you like/understand their clothes (or lack thereof) or their customs, Africans are probably smarter.
    I also do not think White people are necessarily bad people or even that any people can be defined as being one way or another. (I also do not believe that people can be logically or scientifically separated into wavelengths of the spectrum of light and categorized after chromatic approximations but we insist on the fallacy of RACE, so language follows or must fail.)

    Definitely, different cultures promote certain behaviours that they have come to regard highly over time and demote others they have come to dislike over time. Traditions can be a wellspring of information about a people. Researching cultural traditions can explain everything from a group of people’s physical appearances to their spiritual beliefs and physiological health. Cultural traditions can even protect us. We now believe that Jewish people were against eating pork in their customs because pork meat puts one at a danger of becoming infected with trichinosis. This brings me to my question today: If Africans had been living around monkeys for thousands of years and monkeys had been carrying S.I.V. (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus) for at least 32,000 years, why did AIDS appear only recently?

    Aided by past Western research, many people fault African behavior for the emergence of AIDS. Yet, AIDS (the result of S.I.V. jumping to humans) came about only after Western colonization and interruption of African tradition.  Does it not stand to reason then, that the West most certainly had something to do with the creation of this scourge? If this is in fact true that the West was responsible for the widespread suffering that AIDS has caused throughout Africa, does the West owe Africa an apology or at least the TRUTH?

    To fully engage me in this discourse and help alleviate my great conundrum of whom is responsible for which, you would foremost have to avail yourself of the knowledge contained in this most interesting New York Times article (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/17/health/17aids.html?_r=1&src=me&ref=general) published on September 16, 2010. The New York Times’ own heading trumpets:

    “Precursor to H.I.V. Was in Monkeys for Millenniums

    The finding complicates the question of what happened in the last century to let a simian virus move to humans.”

    The third paragraph of this seminal study then states:

    “What happened in Africa in the early 20th century that let a mild monkey disease move into humans, mutate to become highly transmissible and then explode into one of history’s great killers, one that has claimed 25 million lives so far? Among the theories different researchers have put forward are the growth of African cities and the proliferation of cheap syringes.”
    Well, my dear readers, Africans did not decide to GROW their cities themselves. They were quite content with their beautiful and ancient traditions, I am sure! Some nasty European people came, drew boundaries where there were none so that Niger is on top of Nigeria but both sound the same in French, the Benin people in Nigeria are nowhere near the country of Benin which is to the left of Nigeria, no one can agree on what the word Africa actually means and Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Ethiopia and Tunisia are somehow not part of Africa because some of the people there are lighter-skinned (although these countries are separated from other continents by the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean). Egypt- yes, you- is also hopelessly landlocked to Africa but you can always steal whatever belongs to an African, so there!
    If you refuse to read the New York Times article, I will quote some more of it for you. It states:

    “H.I.V., which is almost universally fatal to humans [IF LEFT UNTREATED –Edoheart], is obviously very new to us. As Dr. Marx pointed out, if it had been in humans before the 20th century, it would have arrived in the Americas in some of the 12 million Africans kidnapped for the slave trade.”
    But the 12 million (or more) African slaves did not have AIDS, did they? So where did this AIDS come from?????????????
    This New York Times article walks all over the bushmeat, monkeying-around, but will not come to the point, a point sharp and needle-like, a perhaps reused and syringe-like point some brave New York Times’ commentators (always read the comments section!) make. Several commentators even remind us that early vaccines also colluded in this catastrophe.
    One person writes: “No mention at all of the much more likely chimpanzee-to-human vector of SIV-contaminated vaccines (either polio or hepatitis-B vaccines). It’s a theory that very much threatens the medical & pharmaceutical establishment so is largely ignored. Google it for yourself. Chimpanzees were used to produce both vaccines.”
    Another commenter writes: “Western medicine introduction of cheap needles and transfusions is the best explanation because it the only thing new in the mid 20th century that could adapted a benign virus to humans as a pathogenic virus. Social upheaval existed during slave trade and AIDS did not emerge.”
    And another person writes: “I’ve read that some of us who got our Polio shots a long while back were given this virus as it was grown from a simian’s organ. Folks eat simians, too, so the butchering and consumption have closed the circle.”
    The New York Times writer cannot be blamed for the lack of consensus in the scientists he paraphrases. Scientists will dither till it’s definite and after all, it’s their job to make sure of things. They cannot agree whether it was European/Western/White-caused- rise of cities in Africa or European/Western/White-caused introduction of syringes in Africa that created AIDS.
    Similarly to what I already said about the cities, we Africans also did not make needles to stick ourselves with for the purpose of transmitting vaccines that were or were not cultured in monkey parts. So where did AIDS come from?

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