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  • Child Labor in Nigeria by Patrick Amanama

    September 16th, 2009PATRICKContributors

    “Child Labor in Nigeria”

    photos from Patrick Amanama

    Child labour keeps children out of school. The effects of child labour in any society are poor performance and dropping out of school and exposure to theft, armed robbery, rape and drug abuse.

    In Kaiama [Bayelsa state] it’s a pitiful sight to see the villagers using the same river water for all their domestic uses. They bathe, wash and even drink from the same river yet the government of the day are busy enriching themselves. The children see all this.

    We cry of militant this, militant that. Let’s address the issue on ground, which is education.

    To make life better in our community, let us discuss the benefits of education with our families and friends and enroll ALL our children in school.

    Patrick Ebi Amanama is a photographer, artist and full-time freelancer living in Lagos, Nigeria.

    Edited by Eseohe Arhebamen

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